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Mostrando entradas de abril, 2019

La presidenta Salome Zurabishvili del estado de Georgia estableció en París un pequeño instituto georgiano-europeo para dar a conocer en Europa Occidental la cultura del país transcaucásico

Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili attended the Divine Liturgy at St. Nino’s church in Paris February 19, 2019 President Salome Zurabishvili, along with her children, attended a service in Saint Nino Orthodox Church in Paris. The church was built by President Zourabichvili’s father Levan Zourabichvili, Chairman of the Georgian Diaspora in France.
Archpriest Artchil recalled President Zourabichvili’s childhood when she was frequently visiting the church and singing in the choir. He wished the President success in all her future endeavors.
“This is the Georgian emigration church, built by Levan Zourabichvili, Ioseb Kemularia and Ilamaz Dadekheliani. Salome has been frequently visiting this church since her childhood. I remember her singing in the choir. We have lots of cherished memories. I hope that through her efforts she will achieve great progress and success in relations with Europe and foreign countries. Having this hope, we pray for her and Georgia,” father Artchil said.